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Independent Upholstery Supplies Ltd are widely recognised as Scotland’s Premier upholstery fabric supplier.

We not only serve clients throughout Scotland but also businesses, consumers and upholsterers throughout the UK including England and Wales. 

Independent Upholstery Supplies Ltd was established in 1974 and has sold many millions of pounds worth of upholstery fabric, materials and upholstery foams. 

We have built up a solid reputation in the upholstery market, working with a number of top European weaving mills which allow us to offer the most competitive upholstery material and fabrics. 

Our comprehensive range of upholstery fabrics and materials are manufactured to the highest upholstery standards We have over 2000 upholstery fabrics, upholstery materials and foam.

Some examples:

    • Self-coloured
    • Floral upholstery fabric
    • Stripes upholstery fabric
    • Checks
    • Traditional styles
    • Colourways

Independent Upholstery Suppliers Limited has fabric to suit most tastes such as:

    • Velour upholstery fabric
    • Chenille upholstery fabric
    • Dralon upholstery fabric
    • Flat weave upholstery fabric
    • Faux leather upholstery fabric
    • Vinyl upholstery fabric
    • Leather upholstery fabric

As Fabric suppliers and fabric wholesalers we combine a very strict company pricing policy with a cash and carry approach. This enables us to provide our upholsterers and customers with the very best value from an upholstery company whilst looking to buy fabric and upholstery foams. 

Here are some examples of our products and uses:

    • Suite fabric
    • Commercial upholstery
    • Chair upholstering
    • Couch upholstery
    • Cushion upholstery
    • Designer upholstery fabrics
    • Sofa fabric
    • Suites fabric
    • Furniture upholstery fabric
    • Seat upholstery
    • Sofa reupholstering
    • Sofa upholstery fabric
    • Upholstery foam
    • Cushions upholstery
    • Sofa upholstery
    • Cushions and bar seating
    • Chair upholstery

Our clients are mainly upholsterers however we can also supply:

    • Pubs
    • Hotels
    • Theatre
    • DIY upholstery clients & consumers

As wholesale upholstery fabric suppliers we have a well stocked Upholsterers trade counter 

Independent Upholstery Suppliers Limited can help whatever the project:

    • Suite/chair reupholstery
    • Bar upholstery
    • Pub upholstery
    • Restaurant upholstery
    • Theatre upholstery
    • Boat upholstery
    • Caravan upholstery

We can provide cheap upholstery fabric and discount upholstery fabric.

Independent Upholstery Suppliers Limited are based in Glasgow, Scotland. Many of our clients reside throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness areas. However we can serve England and Wales and currently have existing clients in places such as Newcastle and Manchester. We are also looking for new clients and can provide materials and samples to further areas such as London, Birmingham and south east England.

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